Thursday, June 23, 2005

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

waffle brie

waffle thumbt most scree
shade crunk raffles shark
bittner focus strife mode
made strafe ficus batter
shank ruffled crank shad
spee moist thrum whiffle
free dank spade limper
riddle pod hatter code
trade awful clunk sunk
park fee ghost's battle
locust safe gruff hoist
knife fracas bank scum
drum sank mucous life
foist huff sate litmus
baffles host's pee dark
sunt cluck angel jade
node shatter pad dribble
whimper scade frank brie

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

newt hem

newt rim
glunk wagger
portaled shade cow
rumpt bumpkin
shadow port ail
flagger clunk
stem ute

thin gluten
staggered bunk
pow made mortal
lumpy sump
call snort lather
dunk bagger
mute hem

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

beet cheap

beet smoke cushion
roofing folkie sung

slug mist trouble
steadied norm zeal

bent honk craven
coffin glance bum

sum trance coffin
craven monk spent

meal worm steadied
trouble list rug

tongue smoky roofing
cushion broke fleet

leap hoofing bug
pants funk germ

readied sent muffin
piss sloping joke

dum waving feel
mush lounge bubble

double lunge mush
feel craving drum

spoke groping piss
muffin bent rodent

squirm dunk pants
bug goofing cheap

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

aga rag

aga fork my trump line
the censer blast the court

your sludge brink cave meat?
risk bent "hushed" eye slow

half hoppy toward the stun
spun the forward sloppy calf

so "I" pushed rent disk
feat! rave wink budge our

blort the past penser the
spine clump my cork again

bag the snore grist laugh
soured! rushed "pink" gasp sly

bun glow meat sort "time"
torque panzer fudge vent floppy

dump the waver sigh the
flea eye quaver she humps

sloppy dent grudge penser dork
lime "tort" cleat blow gun

why rasp ink gushed poured?
gaffe wrist score the rag!

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


cot had tea was
sot leak mars sank

weak suit greed vamp
leer half grew peel

war heel pork vest
womb bomb spilled feel

blank chill carp torch
loot dad bee speed

deer pond steak bat
fork tarp lake boll

wolf comb toll seed
slit pants peed hat

stew self split plants
porch nest damp fuzz

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


egg hook goad warp
leg bilk bed book

milk zen ink bit
hilt dub pock bean

jet hose teen zoo
spat shirt bitch nose

took stitch germ clang
when looks cold dink

silk dirt heft mode
lean term left self

club gnat elf sock
mirror bug cocks bold

stock beam mere slug
sang loo spit carp

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

toe seen

toe swell from bean
link wheeze melt sinks

meat swing on gold
tar low lace seat

near elk rug loose
loose hat roof stroll

more dust nook vine
whiz stick melt lash

is lick welt wash
door crust book whine

juice rat hoof roll
beer whelp dug moose

far hoe face wheat
bleat ring pond mold

mink sneeze pelt jinx
glow dwell crumb seen

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

met bent

met be in ties
moon's ass then whirrs

was him lit hop
seen hand's lie when

been sing with ten
squirm kitsch wall's spot

hot all rich worm
den's wrist thing leans

then die and green
stop spit's dim fuzz

per hen as soon
cries bit me's bent

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

under birds

under birds smoorg sesnes turns sundry
motile limbo derons sevren nimble rotting
hauls subjects reyal sufood obtuse raw
devil research latsaoc spals lunch lively
fails limbs tcejer skcos thinks mulled
except flocks liam sniht costs recent
hostel lapsed revil dehcrul slips costly
brayer mucous slwarc stcejbo seafood latent
torn curves elitor obmib never scored
smoothes tenses rednus sdrut senseless grooves

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

civic civic

civic spin grit locket
thgim sten stolc psil
tiger habit rabble thighs
rail ybboh ylwols erab
space dance glints fast
tekcorps nretals etalp nekorb
hung drift dump list
xol htom eporg tsoc
armed chatter champ chattel
rettalc mrahc pmad retton
cloth box mote lost
tfil gnud pmur dessik
pocket pattern slate spoken
ecaf ecnalg stnilps psag
minor body holy lair
rehgih tibbar rehtal esir
night jets knots myth
cihtil nirg tib tekcos

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


erot from eriw gun erans ban pals band

bun score knug doom tsub moon tsuj crayon

knis boat gnib glut gnos mote gag soap

tuhs knit tops sip polc pot tos note

nik shot tis stop tip clot ton sod

taolb sing taolg bong tum snag epol gig

eros knob rood gust moom rust noorc juice

mrof tire mug ware nub snap dnah oats

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

rant emag

it wreck tips dread poh heal toc mail

done then enob bent eman rant emag paints

nap cake kak face zaps tracec rekael made

runk hunting knad grunion knuh olio knob old

funter rank gnitnurg dunk noino honk lio bank

shake trap ekaf zaz ecal secret ecam lurker

the hone dneb bane tner same stnap gnome

neck fit kcerd spot daeh top laem cat

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


dub minute sticking fax cab spinal
lap double loather ford hut ruby
dredge metal worser hash edge legal
fresh rubbish stopping spot mosh luddite
knot copy clubbish mesh sport strapping
trash cursor lethal hedge hush worldly
sword voter trouble hat fort leather
tax diction spinning club fox liquor

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


nother ferrous moth carrot clot
torm arric doom married spoof
riods meat peon net noon
moner curly home worried float
tolz sneak coils pack goats
nique colds snack goils past
perly nomer hurried foam worms
weat eons met neon nuts
smatic dorm harried spoon marvels
erous smother ferret cloth carpet

jim leftwich & john m. bennett 2004


wrist dents lank raft burnt flank
bent mist most clunk dirshed bank
pleas mote loaf bent mort boat
coat lope meat flat pears spent
minty dupe creel wrap kark mead
soap chink shot mole grint weed
wheel crap mope dint hore sap
meal shat wink sap warp flinty
lents boast pote mise spart code
float meant lip cot sert peas
crank laughed went dist burk bends
clank mast must bunt shart grist

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


sluck hab it pung sunt fad rob
dr hab c ache data bat daub span
bing tor nal bim lant born pants
s orn wil t ant tine shorn zeal
loof a tavist cunk hak nest wick
pes t h oof cub bib past chip
chin kak unk loov tast lib post
ick bun k poof test rack spoof
beal ant rim bilt gorn mine horde
can t d in silt worn cant sting
spun g runt sabt khab hat rib
d rab tat bach chad runt puck

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


presvent iresor tieus uitroe atisk
verhip sterpant icrod ropid arkid
obves talflus trallor ailirac atsoop
inistun dore nderpa ngsmor oamemk
gennen terso apitz arist oeade
sugves tigegrunt ieot icnnur asptit
vislug gertug utya mmeroc tetisk
memglen setor otip ostor oadie
stombin geglo pendor mermgs inkiem
sevhob tusetil lertril yricoil opeutz
habimer chantstor ridoc odetop odork
vengles serrir isria riaorit usket

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


citgur glechad dictup earpit ombube
abanclik enga ffesix ylemhum obate
secbet toril licitote quilais apnt
amerigu nsputz ootturd uailoc oppo
zupor chlop ineap neaorm osstsk
gravigrev eror alol mecdic tustis
partu lipsh ipunt urnoa tsiss
reguaim portmus tardit alico peap
repdec altir ateloc uswolla mpip
elecabin gein sectffa thomilum oatubt
durbet chedglu mpdick nitroar obeumb

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


eehl rast sunker bust clinker
fallacy dead ark said fact
fore pin crasht dam crusp
dont clang boar fang rear
neap stun lunkage bun buggy
tint clasp soul rasp seat
seal hasp tunt fast pint
luggage sun near none creep
roar lang dent dang font
crusht pan fire bin ore
ack dread follicle fled phallus
sinker rust ahll gast deal

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


gank shat shot lunk
rant shod pud bunt
tub pore pire cab
lobe root rut cube
itnch gnatk kak tnach
ring chub job reng
club rung crang buch
gnitk atnch untch ktang
reet lube lob roof
pyre tab tub pork
shed runt reek shad
shot gunk goat hat

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

limb reap

limb reap lime cock
etoms stoom rap date
clump float tome crest
tos rettub tomb mile
tidal rust lump boob
epat dloc lot glows
cape node toes sot
lodim tsurc tube shunt
plot mutter dial loom
pmuls taob rest nom
mote boots pate rap
mid teef dock slime

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2005

pirate ditch

pirate ditch irate shore
soon rubric itch mumps
skip knit spoon meat
clash chatter public pole
solemn retreat sip natter
crumps door kit slash
floor slumps lash mitt
meat column hatter quit
matter plaza sole ludic
dit slit treat rune
cubic moon rumps kitsch
rich prate or nates

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2005