Friday, June 17, 2005


Be wine

be hind bil low
of fall lin kage
goo lank d i ne t usk
dust tine t hank y ou
link wedge off al
mo bile b ea t wine

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


optasy lung pinch lecting
arsion chute bone fuble
dispher heel since chenter

gening slug toad sonful
mastory bast class clastory
conful tone bug shening

senter fence peel listpher
reble loan root partion
specting inch hung cockracy

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

dem ben

demin sel ourd counchan louch pourd gel lembin
dofsx ucze bor zecx fegh foa geck wor nuckza sxoxsx
wariv tove sep otrike krike tep sove arif
pund oxo exh esh puno xuro grur shoon edgo eps spoux dund
diori wace tosts srupt crupt dosts crace riory
dror oxo xurvo norz puegn xruen forz churvo moxo fror
penem thife fugroar nord gord sugpore krife nemen
oroxh xhod xoxx descex esxex poxd god woxh
durhi inist shu thate slape cru dist fhrurri
zoge uuggzo nork deghx breghx hork gwuggzo hoge
logi auggle nerk dight bright herk gwaggle hogi
durhe enesx shu xhuxo szupo cru desx fhrurre
oreth thed tott discit istit potd ged weth
ponom xhefo fugrour nord gord sugporo krefo nomon
dror eto tarve norl paign train forl charve meto fror
deore wuco xosxs srupx crupx dosxs cruco reora
pand ote ith ish pune ture grur shoon idge ips spoat dand
wurev xovo sop oxreko kreko xop sovo uref
defst acli ber lict figh fey gick wer nackly stetst
domen soz ourd counchun zouch pourd goz zomben

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

keu kkleuue!

keu klue prfreueuo!
yort shaus gskrtoua!
tral shoof dfprwlaoo!
stru brue gsoouo!
whal courm jrnrwlauo!
ane gan ngnaea!
journ rawl whlcrmuoa!
gou soo strbreuu!
doof prawl trlshfooa!
gaus skort yrtshsuao!
prou feuer kkleuue!

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Corrected Version

bender potato avatar
similac nosferatu slowing

icicle utereus arbor
hackattack laminar filching

lilting banana cataract
ardor gluteous bicycle

omen impromptu cadillac
labrador boating fender

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


werativ reservity dese
like a panic limps reedy

hur omilesve ag fro dgon
panza forkful lung timeneck

henk hoare wheur sciviois
choices interpolish worm listache

lizati plurm intepolire foices
scribbles wheel door neck

ligenc uund worful manza
gone for bag dormirestive slur

respeathy symps samic fica
these inversities claritive

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


parteaps atta oon
felp spilens chal

ack onll theed izl
slitotion bineer

uthisr zixt ter citiror
slucko slethsho

neot lity canbuils
chelt drin cheik

dingtabi ernm conng
feener lasospalisk

tinui reme fiity
bitty sheme linwe

asuvaluesk uinr
slong chairn lingslabby

seic thein relr
lamwiels nitty speop

ethigio suppok
clickyor lur nist luffispur

finur cenoation
kisl leed phoml dac

tral slibece roelp
loog tappa garsheeps

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett


muta gen try cycle
sickle fire sale snorkel
mullah mutter mudra
matter liker moving
glens gentian entry
crap ulen tent aptive
captor rapture raptor
wrap crepe cape cap rack
sacked tastive sewing
lint lenient tension
f lam e gr ase
adz grass graze ash gash
lamb film laugh flambé
flubber grass fuming
meager merger mercy
p ole ofact ant
tact slant stunt taint
lope sole pool loop lap
laser pants leaving
leaf loaf lactate aloof

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

Mut a loof

[m\uta gen ]try[ \/cycle
sick]le fi-\/\re s[a]le [snorkel/]
mull[ah ]-mutter -\/[m\]udra
mat[t]e\[r/ -liker --m]ovin[g
g]len[s ge\]/n\tian[ entry]
[c]rap \/u\le[ ]n] te-nt aptive
captor [rap]ture /raptor]
w\rap ]c[repe cape/ ]\[cap rack]
[-/s]acked ta-s[t]i]v\e\-/sewi[ng]
li\/n]\t[ lenie]nt ten[sion/]
f- l[am ]e gr- /\a/[/se]
adz [g/]rass graze[ ash ga\/sh]
lamb [\f-ilm ]lau-gh fla-m[b]/é
fl]u[bb-er gras]s/\[ fuming]
\m[eager m/[e-r]ger me]rcyp ] ol[e / \-/ofa]ct a[nt
tac\/]t [slant stunt t]\a/i[nt
lope ]so[le \/p\ool ]-lo]o[p lap]
\-/las[er pants lea-]\v/[\[ing
leaf]-[l[oaf l/ac-tate a][lo]of

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


t u b b and m e a d t o e c r a t e was h
f lare gapo wl s iteten se r o d
lake gash stare

oud s i p lof t rink sta i n r a ke
li n t no t e wre nc h h a ils i n k do m e
foam rain mote

s od fa d f a n sa p c o v e m eal
r u st sou r vo te dol l d ab l ink
sink ham lust

c lo t r a i dte n t w ig go n g ba re
c a ge m i t t g u t h o r d e p on d m od
cut sot hair

f un k b r en o se sla t l a k e d u d
gn at t o on t a pe p e ak r u t bo m b
leak steak tune

m o s s c re w sp o t f l a k n o d si l l
s a i lr o t e b r i c k p a n t c l e f td u n e
knew hot

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

my [\]-z

my t [ \]h e lf]s \p ill w ar d
f u ] r \\m o[\o nw at t ] cor [ e
sore lap

r[ ] ag du n] [ [ ] [ ]blot ti[n [ ] e
\ v [ ] at t om e \[ ] ob\[ib ya c h t][
loom phone

\v \ e [ ] [ r b bi[ g htti n ] [\]
\[ o[ do t m us] [ k l ap\]\r e a m ]\]
slot steam

[ c o s t c l ][ o d s[ ]hed st o k - e l
egfin to-othgr i n b-ittou r f aceb/r/ e /
grin head

at [ ]h co a\t// m ock ]] [ \curveg [oa ]

drool log
[ ] [ [t - - [millfl eck ros\e[pot] \ cl o g ]\ma d ] [ w a l l b [a g t[ u g s p oo l

fuel past
flo]ck st[ove / / c/ / u p b / /e et sp i
/ n / fl / a s k p on// e\]rul/e stew]

sock feed
dee d clawp \[ u s h awksee[ d] [ \c
u sp l im - e [ ] p i n -k-clock[ po -x - r

sneer fold
o ot [ [keyc-a ne ][deertyp e h\\]exca b
b]l[o[[o[d[ shine d r ][ i] p / bo\ne jaz[\]-z

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

Roof eel

gash roof spiel blow
hoof ash slow peel
bond rat root code
sat bomb rode boot
hub shine ought write
dine club tight slot
rot light rub spine
sight fought wine dub
boom mode tomb hat
node room fat wand
heel flow lash spoof
show eel goof cash

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


f lag s ame (r unter) f lag d rule
re ject ion (ri b mutt) canned root less wen

foo l ba g b utter na me (strag gle
oh rot cell cast or bum ble col lect

lect or numb er s ank) le c tor hooo
leg g rat e emmer ret ch bu g lube

new sel ector d rank (thum ber) in jector
lee r udder gaf fe (ru t r une) m ask egg s el f

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

Soon noose

soon flood blinks shed
mule butane mob

lug gage mist booth
tense chub wrack c hea p en

snore crowd clung hall
lag null lariat flan

flat urinal clung hall
lag gull drawl roan

leach crow branch glisten
tub time egg gull

bomb slant tub loom
desk sib drool noose

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

Pore shore

heel post pore shrug
conk slab hissed core
might rinse suds bash
blister sob mole hash
born tube runt tub
play port posh glint
gosh lint court splay
rub bunt lube horn
mash hole bob sister
rash blood sense night
spore missed lab honk
rug shore host peel

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

Lap mingle

lap swallow mingle sap
chink spoon plight pound
logo centric spins cougar
past wallet cone horn
hound sink crab bubble
huddle slab noun s link
corn phone ballet clast
sugar lens limbic solo
wound flight rune pink
map single hollow nap

map wound sap pound
sugar corn cougar horn
huddle hound bubble s link
past logo clast solo
chink lap pink nap
swallow spoon hollow rune
centric wallet iambic ballet
sink slab noun crab
phone lens cone spins
flight single plight mingle

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


st ream a head a bile
ren t us her g land c lout,

m aster s lug a hem
do le, dang ling c luck

b urn y sob stir "you"
"your" boss fur n i s hed

c loc king ,hand hole
ma g lu g gag e r asta

,lout cran ging ,usher ,in
lu bed d rea m y as t er

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003


s lag d rain c omb u u
b roo m ed it or g as
k is s migh t ravel new t
fo am ham mer rinse tu ne ne
ne t s en se ru m or m at
co a st ran dy s cud p us
kee p a cha in s lope ha h
ho p lint chia p as p eek
blo od th under she ep s now
g nom e s leap un der bed
bud n ap le mmin g m ug
p lot sig ns hat chet c heep
c uppa sud s d rank ch oke k
co d e r an kle d u pe p uck
nu de sire n mur mur k nots
you he ave mar a night sic k
si dek ick n ave l vie w
but te c ran i al g lass

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2003

Co boat

co d ove o t he r b us
coa t l sin k m as a eas
plod rover fought crust

c o d e ve c ho se nse
b leat r oar ga g stra ngle
cold hecho closed pens

st ran g e r m or e at
len s e c lot hes pec ho sol d
dangle slag door feet

pl ea se a m in k not e
dus t h ought h over p od
bees cast drink boat

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


tent wig
gong bare
cage mitt
gut horde
pond mod
funk brew
nose slat
lake dud
gnat toon
tape peak
rut bomb
moss crew
spot flak
nod sill
leaf spat
moat bowl
raw dirt
sail rote
brick pant
cleft dune
bent song
rage slut
bond sunk
hose shake
flat gate
cut floss
sot pod
sheaf boat
law pail
sick left
soon cant
smote shirt
low shat
pill sack
blew comb
leak noon
pud fat
knew cod
bored shit
stare fig

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003


ram kit
tub band
mead toe
crate wash
flare gap
owl site
tense rod
oud sip
loft rink
stain rake
lint note
wrench hail
sink dome
sod fad
fan sap
cove meal
rust sour
vote doll
dab link
clot raid
paid sink
wall hour
deal slap
sad home
fail gloat
fake blink
sit nod
bite lap
lash blow
hand skit
lam club
bead cake
bare foul
dense food
soft rain
limp wench
kink clod
sand shove
dust lope
bad spot

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003

R a m
[a cracked tower conversion]

ram k it
tu b b and
me ad toe
c r ate wa sh
fl are ga p
owl site
ten se ro d
oud sip
r ake
li nt n t e
wren h hail
ink d ome
s o d fad
fa n s ap
co ve me al

rust s our

vote doll

da b link
c lot raid
paid s ink
wall h our
deal s lap
sad home
f ail goat
fake b link
bite l ap
l ash b l ow
h and s kit
l a m c l ub
bead cake
b are fou l
den se foo d
s of t rain
kin k c l od
s and s hove
dust l ope
bad spot

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2003