Tuesday, June 21, 2005

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich


knalb focused ding an dust
detnet is calf shank shrub
sgurd camp closeted struck dim
spird shale custard wrapped engines
tpure tongue fuss was dormant
tnamrod was bus lung erupts
senigne rapt mustard shade drips
mid truck detesolc vamp drugs
hsub crank half is tented
tsud an ping locust blank

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


skinks seniltar
ratnik skits

blood yraitret
terolb floret

snappy sgnidlof
folans snails

smacker rekcams
smacka slacker

foldings yppans
snalof fortrans

tertiary doolb
bloret terrors

ratlines skniks
skitar ratchet

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

The Chalabi Shuffle

gorge the tenant
hide the condom
ham the rim
pink the dread
pus the tummy
tongue the bee
hop the faucet
sauce the cop
gee the lung
rummy the bus
dead the kink
trim the yam
random the thighs
pennant the forge

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

seal core

seal ill door
pig smock bask
food mast clock
phone gust blinker
real dung roof
foods score rip
rap snore floods
hoof lung reel
inker must drone
flock blast wood
ask knock dig
floor spill squeal
nor flask clock
dinkly truth sack
moods feel bone
could rig wheel
still crocked last
bust clung gore
spore tongue lust
past block frill
peal fig blood
clone spiel suds
drip spoof blanker
sock masked core

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


tat tat
sun spun
bunk bunk
sore score
sugar sugar
deal feel
heel heel
sugar sugar
tore tore
funk punk
stun stun
fat that

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

if such

if, the grease
hutch dick ham
leash pet bored
each ewe bet,
peach cliff huh
tex home slouch
clam vein cord
glue pain each
each pain glue
slick leech hex,
slouch home tex
huh cliff peach
such vouch roam
bored pet leash
ham dick hutch
grease the if
bet ewe each
cod vein clam,
hex leech slick
roam, vouch such

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

yap droop

yap pig itch
tap lex palm
slap branch pit
vex inch quip,
puke loop flute
flip clinch dig
qualm ache knit
pat lake bitch
bitch lake pat
mute, vat ranch
dig clinch flip
flute loop puke
droop chute, cap
pit branch slap
palm lex tap
itch pig yap,
quip inch vex
knit ache qualm
ranch vat mute
cap chute droop

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


snickers ,ladder ,clocks
dancer, comma, grease
bright ,stop ,mister
rudder, captain, worse
heel ,eggs ,shone
thunder, spite, slight
might ,mite ,under
bone, legs, kneel
horse ,napkin ,udder
blister, cop, blight,
ease ,coma ,cancer
flocks, madder, flickers

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

spun fun

spun flat sugar
clock flock rice
bun hat luger
twice tuba cuba
feet shed mice
bat cat wed
meat head ice
bed cap sap
sort flap sock
port snort beat
tort nap dock
tweet gun fun

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004


veer bait hurried
jade plunger germs

tweed salts lungs
mall slugs gait

fate dugs hall
dung faults peed

squirms lunger raid
flurried mate seer

curried worms tongue
date gall speed

fade jeer gates
pungent malt slag

flag fault undulant
plates fear made

screed ball prate
lung turns worried

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004


verge mail jury
jail urge merger

edge nails lunge
flail nudge fails

whales grunge pail
bungee sails hedge

verger dirge quail
fury kale purge

furry burger bungles
wails pale wedges

snails surge male
turgid bails drudge

budge hails lurid
bale swerve tails

edges ail dale
jungles lurcher spurring

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

f ail f bl ather

f ail d ate s oil
g oil s ate t ail

c r ash s p an gle
d f angle sp l ash

s lip b r ush s poke
j oke b ush n ip

s n ail p ad d le
s f addle r m ail

s up sh ort r eel
sea l cour t p up

cr h ush c s at
b v at b m ush

gr owl l adder b um
s cum bl add er fou l

sl r ather p f eel
z r eal f bl ather

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

hat ch st ump

hat ch p ore f lint
g lint g ore bat ch

m angle f lick
s lick d angle

b end t ask c ouch
l ouche c ask s end

s potted c lip
f lip c lotted

s nug d rat s team
d rea m a t ug

p hew h up
p up s pew

m ash t ask w hole
d role b ask c ash

r ump m ist
f ist st ump

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004

spill seem

spill bean

luggage mumble

nostrum gates

snatty clunk

blunk snotty

nates nostril

humble buggies

preen swill

bear been

fumble huggies

fates hostile

sunk clotty

natty dunk

novel halts

baggies rumble

quill seem

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

sum ass

sum shank
spot clunk
rump pole
imp lie
sort rats
haul glass
bench root
bum jot
clump pimp
tort caul
bank funk
dole sly
vats class
sat goal
sank pork
sunk hum
pot limp
fall bunk
fly ass

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich 2004

nude lit

nude fork sap knit
lewd spit course face

grit dust toad cape
time clip crust spork

corpse flip gnat spud
gap load fat dusk

pace lime tusk node
rode bud tape lit

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett 2004